Art With Heart PDF thumbnail Allison Earnest's professional review of the Graslon Prodigy Dome speedlight modifier.

PP Magazine thumbnail "I was feverishly working on my next book (on product photography), when I got my review package from ExpoImaging, containing Rogue Universal Gels and Rogue Grid Gels lighting filter kits for review. I hadn't planned to use small flash for this book, but it was a great opportunity to use small flash and color gels...."

PP Magazine thumbnail "I'm a huge fan of small speedlights. Used properly with the right light modifier, speedlights rival most traditional studio lights. I spent almost two years testing virtually every small hot shoe flash modifier on the market for my second book, "Light Modifiers: A Digital Guide to Sculpting with Light"..."
Professional Photographer Magazine

Marketing Mojo PDF thumbnail "Allison Earnest, of Allison Earnest Photography, Colorado Springs, CO: "With today's technology, it is too easy to get caught up behind a computer, sending out emails, cards, promo card mailers, the list goes on. My goal for 2011 is to drink more coffee—not alone at my computer, but face-to-face with clients..."
Marketing Mojo

FaceFacts thumbnail "To create more depth in the portrait, I placed accent lights slightly behind Shanee', camera right and left, which lit her hair and added depth and dimension. The accent lights were metered and adjusted to record approximately three-quarters of a stop lighter than the main light, providing separation from the background..."

RF Cookbook Thumbnail "Combining light sculpting techniques, subject placement, lighting placement, and the creative use of light modifiers adds depth and dimension to portraits,""
RF Cookbook

Art With Heart PDF thumbnail "Are you frustrated with your attempts to create flattering portraits at family gatherings? Would you like to know how to capture more natural-looking pictures of friends? Take heart. I’ve asked Colorado-based portrait, commercial, and fine art photographer Allison Earnest ( to share capture tips from..."
Create Flattering Portraits

Art With Heart PDF thumbnail"I am an optimist by nature, but when I was asked to test and write about Image Trends new Fisheye-Hemi Photoshop plug-ins to correct fisheye distortion, I was concerned. I had experimented with fisheyes before, but never used them for anything other than fun. In fact, I'd turned down assignments..."
Fisheye Hemi Photoshop Plug-Ins

Art With Heart PDF thumbnail"I have been a custom printer and film photographer for more than 20 years. I used to shoot an event and send the film to a lab. The proofs were only as good as the lab that printed them. Today's photographer has to wear many hats. With so many things to think about about, from color theory, color management, resolution, and..."
Overcoming My Aversion To Digital

Art With Heart PDF thumbnail"With digital technology, amateurs and professionals are shooting with the same cameras, so it is imperative that pros stay one step ahead of the competition. One way to differentiate yourself and your photographs is through your creative use of light. Lighting and the manner in which you use it to shape, create depth, and add..."
Painting With Light

Art With Heart PDF thumbnail"Contrary to what some people may believe, a photographer is more than a picture taker. A photographer is an artist who starts with a raw subject and sculpts it into a final image using light. While there are many other components that make up a great image, quality and type of lens, pose, clothing, props, and background..."
Sculpt Your Portraits With Light

Art With Heart PDF thumbnail "Though many factors contribute to a great image, every portrait subject requires well-executed lighting to enhance his/her appearance. This careful use of lighting in a flattering way is what distinguishes true artists from mere picture takers"
ShineOff and PearlyWhites

Art With Heart PDF thumbnail "Ever wondered why family and friends appear to have not so bright white smiles or extra shiny faces in the photographs you take? Harsh, direct flash lighting is causing that extra shine on your subjects’ faces."
ShineOff and PearlyWhites

Art With Heart PDF thumbnail "In today's digital photography age, it's easy to spend countless hours on the computer fixing images. Personally, I would rather spend my time capturing photos; therefore, I'm always searching for products that make my post production process easier. I found two such products from Image Trends: ShineOff and PearlyWhites plug-in filters."
Take Great Pictures

Art With Heart PDF thumbnail

"When Hurricane Katrina devastated New Orleans, Allison Earnest wanted to help. Her life's passion provided a way. Connecting with radio station KVUU (99.9 FM), Earnest donated 250 limited-edition poster of photos..."

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Find Sculpting with Light _ Techniques for Portrait Photographers 2008 Earne thumbnail

"Techniques for creating flawless lighting show photographers of all levels how to take full control of their
photographic atmosphere in this indispensable guide. Illustrating the physics that govern light; the visual difference
between the eye and camera; the qualities of incident and reflected light;..."

Find Sculpting with Light _ Techniques for Portrait Photographers 2008 Earne.pdf

Book Publishing News Allison Earnest thumbnail

"Allison Earnest's new book from Amherst Media, Sculpting with Light: Techniques for Portrait Photographers is now available where photo books are sold and through and Amherst Media."

Book Publishing News Allison Earnest.pdf

Learn How To Design The Optimal Lighting Setup For Your Individual thumbnail

"Flawless lighting is the key to creating professional-caliber portraiture. With the right lighting, photographers can create depth and form, set the mood of the portrait, and sculpt the subject's features to create an idealized portrait presentation that will please the subject and satisfy the photographer's artistic vision."

Learn How To Design The Optimal Lighting Setup For Your Individual...-PRNews.pdf

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"Allison Earnest, of Ae Photography (, is a commercial and advertising shooter in Colorado Springs, Colorado. The author of the upcoming book Sculpting with Light: Techniques for Portrait Photographers, she includes several lighting accessories among her staple supplies,..."


Quick Take - Timeless Welcome PDF thumbnail

"Recently, Tejon Street in Downtown Colorado Springs resembled a 1945 Times Square scene, with an estimated 75,000 people lining the streets for a parade welcoming home 12,000 soldiers from Iraq."

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